frank kunert – carpe diem

from 09.12. until 12.03. in the town museum Schleswig


Olaf Otto Becker – Siberian Summer

Limited edition

edition | book + print

daniel stier - A Tale of one City

with two essays by david campany and marvin heiferman


Andrea Diefenbach – Realitatea

with texts by martin sieg

edition | book + print

hannah feldmeier

dgph-award with the “visto bueno” project

now with us in talk

focus on

talk with Niklas Görke

talk with Niklas Görke

"i sometimes stand next to the same intersection for hours and am completely exposed. It's dusty,...

book + print by luis hipolito

“I feel like a lab rat. I never wanted to be a lab rat.”

„Variations of adamant“ from vermibus

from the 10th to the 13th with Mazel Galerie