Achim Katzberg has lived and worked in the Rhine-Main area since the early 90s. He has lived in Mainz since the beginning of the century.

Like so many, he had been taking pictures with analog cameras since his early youth. Already as a teenager he gained first experiences with image processing in his own SW-lab. After a career-related “artistic break”, he has been photographing with digital 35mm and SLR cameras since the turn of the century. With the digital cameras, he replaced the SW lab with Lightroom. In a few exceptions he also uses Photoshop.

Today Achim Katzberg works part-time as a freelance photographer with a focus on artistic street photography.

Achim Katzberg loves to show people in an urban environment. With the support of the choreography of chance, Achim Katzberg skilfully stages architecture, city and man again and again. His varied works are an expression of his fascination for architecture and design.

Achim Katzberg regularly presents his work in solo and group exhibitions. For him, there is no substitute for pictures on the wall and the exchange and conversations during the vernissage and the subsequent exhibition.

In 2020 he published his first own photo book titled “BiG CiTY LiFE”. His next photo book is planned for 2021 and is already about to be published.

Canon Fotoschule from Jost J. Marchesi

During my first attempts at analogue photography at the end of the seventies, Jost J. Marchesi’s Fotoschule was my constant companion.

With the help of the book, I not only learned the technical basics, but also tried out a wide variety of shooting techniques and studied and tested the photographic design possibilities.

With the completion of this very practice-oriented “study” of photography, the foundation stone for my current ‘work’, far beyond analog photography, was laid.

DAS FOTO – Harald Mante

To get back into photography and get started with digital photography, I treated myself to a photo workshop or two. One of the workshops, entitled “Sehen lernen” with Professor Harald Mante, was about taking photographs in series and sequences.

This workshop was very motivating and inspiring for me.

The serial approach grabbed me from the beginning and still supports me in my photography today. Thinking and photographing in series, the sequential perception this triggers, is very important to me in my wanderings through cities.

The serial approach is also evident in the presentation of my work. On Instagram I regularly show small series of thematically matching pictures in a “six pack”.

HOLD THE LINE – Siegfried Hansen

For years, Siegfried Hansen from Hamburg has been one of the best-known German representatives of street photography. Besides street photography, we share a preference for minimalist, graphic images, as well as an approach to photography.

Although Siegfried Hansen does not speak of the serial approach, he does speak of the memory effect and key stimuli. In this white trap his motifs in the eye and he knows how to put them skillfully in the scene.

My fascination with architecture and people is fully catered for in his book, which means that I am always happy to take the book off the shelf.