Frank Kunert was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1963 and grew up in the Rhine-Main region. He began taking photographs as a teenager and was initially particularly interested in landscape photography. After graduating from high school, he decided to train as a photographer and learned to love working in a studio. He has remained true to this to this day.

For a long time now, the focus of his work has been on designing and photographing miniature backdrops.

Frank Kunerts Arbeiten werden regelmäßig bei Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland präsentiert und sind vielfach veröffentlicht worden, etwa in Spiegel special, chrismon, DU das Kulturmagazin, Der Standard, Photonews, smith Journal und TGV magazine. So far, three illustrated books by Frank Kunert have been published by Hatje Cantz Verlag. The artist received several awards, including the silver medal at the Biennial Dimensional Salon in New York and the German Photo Book Award in silver.

Frank Kunert is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Rhineland-Palatinate and the German Society for Photography (DGPh). He is married and lives with his wife in Boppard, between Cologne and Frankfurt.

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich, 1978

In my youth this guidebook was an important companion for me. Besides comprehensive technical basisn are also taught here aspects that I did not find in any otherls found in no other textbook: So deals with ain chaptertwa with “Personality and Style”where it is about the artistic development.

Even if this part of only takes up a small amount of space, it it made a lasting impression on me. The book stimulated me to deal with the question, how photographic work can be meaningful and fulfilling… can be.

Andreas Feininger does not provide an answer or a Andreas Feininger, and that is thes the exciting thing. I felt encouraged me to give myself time, to try out a lot and to take detours sometimes.

Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch, Stuttgart, 1958

This book my wife a few years ago in a used bookstore and gave it to me… and gave it to me. I love this beautiful piece! The photographs and Floor plans show mainly houses in Germany, but about also in England and the USA.

All the examples have one thing in common: They radiate a harmony that seems to me as if the turmoil and suffering the turmoil and suffering of theof the Second World War never existed.

‘All ist good!‘I want toI want to think to myself and preferably in one of the modern, spacious living rooms or on a spacious terrace and stay there forever. Dhe architecture of these houses together with their furnishings has something so timelessthat that I am in many dI would move into many of the bungalows immediately.

Elias Hauck und Dominik Bauer, Verlag Antje Kunstmann, Munich, 2020

When I look around the photo book marketI find a lot of serious stuff, but not much to laugh about..

Therefore, this book the savior to my need for humor! Now, of course, thethe little volume is of course not a Photo Book – but the world needs humor, especially from the intelligent as you can discover here . Dominik Bauer writes the texts and Elias Hauck draws. What comes out of it is evidence of such a specialpoint of viewand a play on words, that it is a real pleasure to browse through it again and again.

Impressions from our crazy worldworld will be in a way that makes me come to the conclusion thatThis booklet belongs on all bedside tables of German-speaking hotels – instead of the Bible.

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