Markus Hintzen is not a landscape photographer in the classical sense. His metier is actually portrait photography. That is why he is also interested in how people move through the landscapes.


Never did the ugly houses of American suburbia look grander.


L’ALBUM D’UNE VIE by Jaques Henri Lartigue

A history book in pictures.
The cars are fast, the women are beautiful
and the war cruel.
There’s everything to see here.

GENTLE GIANTS by Bruce Weber

My kids want a dog, my wife wants a dog. And I’d take one of those chubby, cozy Newfoundlands, too. But I know he’d be bored out of his mind with me. Because for these rescue dogs, I need at least one lake, a helicopter they can jump out of, and plenty of swimmers in distress who would let these brave dogs rescue them.