rui camilo

Rui Camilo was born in Lisbon / Portugal in 1964. He spent his childhood on his parents’ farm in the Estrela Mountains and later on the coast in Paço de Arcos.

He has lived and worked in Wiesbaden / Germany since the mid-seventies. He initially studied visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. After several years as an assistant in Germany and London, he began working as a freelance photographer.

Alongside his commercial work, Rui Camilo’s personal projects usually focus on the signatures individuals leave on their living spaces. He is particularly interested in transition and in the effects of rapidly changing urban structures as well as living and housing environments.


series “from here to nowhere”

series “cretan skeletons”

series “cold mountains”

series “pichets pastis”


The series of works “from here to nowhere” was created during several road trips through the rural west of the USA. With no specific destination in mind, Rui Camilo explored the country far away from the big cities. The relationship between people and spaces, places that are not immediately identifiable, that one comes across rather than looks for, and that are often imbued with a sense of hopeless loneliness.