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    Rui Camilo – Cretan Skeletons #6


    C-Print | 32 x 40 cm incl. 1,5 cm white border
    Edition of 12
    in archive folder, signed

    In stock

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    In this project, photographer Rui Camilo explores the phenomenon of lonely concrete shells in Crete. Sometimes you don’t know whether the mostly uninspired concrete blanks are in the process of being created or are already falling into disrepair. Spaces without fixed attribution. They present themselves in a raw and vague way and seem like sculptures in the landscape.
    The addition of concrete ruins from the present to Greek ruins from antiquity. You can see very clearly how the raw thought of structural human thought is projected into natural spaces. It becomes clear how simple our ideas and conceptions are. Some are still very filigree, appear light and open. Others are on the verge of becoming a sign or a symbol. In the meantime, the traces of construction have disappeared. You don’t see any tools or building material lying around, which again emphasizes the plasticity and staying in the genre of landscape photography enhances the effect of perceiving these relics as part of the environment.
    His artistic interest is the transformation of space / living space to utopian sculpture, i.e. to nowhere, to non-place (utopia in Greek ou = not and tópos = place, place, land, so actually = nonland, nowhere).

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