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    Daniel Stier – Ways of knowing


    Edition Buch+Print
    in Archivbox

    Two volumes swiss-bound into a single cover.
    168 pages with 71 colour plates.
    Screen-printed polyvinyl chloride dust jacket.
    Dimensions: 21,6 × 26,1 cm.
    Design by YES Studio.
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    FineArt-Print | 21,5 x 26 cm
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    In his project “Ways of Knowing” Daniel Stier takes us inside the world of scientific research to meet the real people whose work, represented in these images by an intriguing array of self-built technologies, holds the promise – and perhaps the threat – of transforming our lives.
    Together with photos taken in various research institutions across Europe and North America, the book includes a series of homemade experiments, shot in Stier’s own studio, that seem to ask us to consider the similarities between the scientist’s domain and the artist’s.
    Both domains, lab and studio, are characterized by big questions, obsessive convictions and a high degree of specialization. Now Stier has invited us, the outsiders, to look in. We do so with wonder, dismay and, depending on our disposition, even a certain faith.